Getting admission into our training programme is quite easy!

All you have to do is pay a one-time registration fee of Rs. 6000+Service Tax and you are in. This gives you opportunity to take our consultancy on all matters pertaining to foreign-trade for the next 12months.

Further, you get opportunity to attend our regular 10day introductory course on STARTING IMPORT EXPORT BUSINESS. You can attend 10 lectures by paying just Rs. 1000/- per lecture whenever you get time in the next 12months from the date of registration.

Lectures are conducted through out the year and you can come for it by just paying the fee for the lecture whenever you want to come for the same. There is no compulsion to attend all the 10 lectures in one go.

Topics covered are:

1. Introduction to Export-Import

2. Learning the Language of Foreign-Trade Business

3. Import-Export Procedure

4. Documentation for Import-Export

5. First Step to your own business

6. Building mindset to sure success

7. Letting the world know that you have started with Export-Import

8. Making concerted effort to  getting your first customer

9. Negotiation Skills

10. Steady & consistent moves to growing business

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